About AL

It is tough, almost impossible, to compete with the national players that are coming in and out of our communities. While it may seem that they have some of the best marketing out there, I have seen many bad judgements result in mulit-million dollar mistakes. The luxury they have is still getting a paid salary versus you are taking a risk with your personal money.

I created ADvice to help small and medium sized businesses understand the purpose and reason behind good marketing and advertising. Local businesses are bombarded daily with media solicitations and agency calls promising to take the stress out of marketing decisions.  In my opinion, an important element of success for any business owner is not to be too dependant on any vendor.  That is where ADvice can come in.

At ADvice I am here to advise on your decisions so you can feel confident in your marketing investments. The ultimate decision maker is you, the business owner.  My overall objective is to teach you to fish, not just buy you lunch.


Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Marketing – Communications Advertising Accredited Professional – Marketing has been my whole career with five years in Sales – Grew one human – Non-profit volunteer