Parents Today are Awesome.

We have built a world that is more accessible than ever before. Our children are now exposed to an increasing amount of content and experiences that no other generation has ever had to filter.  Who is accountable for protecting, educating, guiding and providing for them?  Today’s parents and they are awesome.

Each generation had shitty parents. Each generation had helicopter moms, too strict dads, keeping up with the Jones’ moms and absent fathers. No generation has had worse parents than others. Perhaps due to our more accessible world, the shittier parents are just now easier to expose.

So media, let’s ease off on the fake news posts that hit my news feeds EVERY SINGLE DAY. You know the ones I mean. The headlines that feed into our self-doubt and worry designed solely for the purpose of increasing click-though-rates to sell advertising on the website:

7 Damaging parenting behaviours that keep children from growing into leaders (

8 Resolutions to be a a better parent in the New Year (

The collapse of parenting: Why it’s time for parents to grow up (

I’m not even going to hyperlink any of these because I want you, parent-of-today, to stop reading this crap. You are awesome. Your kids are awesome.  Chances are if you are still reading this blog post you are trying your darnest and need some recognition. Somehow, parents from previous generations managed to raise us without all of these tips and scare tactics so please, don’t click.

Technology has made many things much easier for today’s parents but also much more difficult to decipher fact from fake news. Social media enables everyone the license to print which scares the crap out of me as a parent. As soon as my child can read, she will be faced with much more fiction that appears as fact than I ever faced when searching for quotes in our Britannia encyclopedias. I now have to learn about parental controls, cyber bullying, and what ads are going to play before the bunny video. A big hug goes out to the moms and dads trying to regulate the online world that even the government can’t figure out how to legislate to protect our most vulnerable.

For majority of households, two incomes are needed to breakeven. Finding a fabulous daycare provider that you can afford while ensuring your work can accommodate their strict drop-off/pick-up, vacation days, sick days, and personal days all with a reasonable commute adds to today’s parents lifestyle.

The constant challenge to find fun activities can drive your nuts ensuring your kids are occupied but not too occupied that you may stunt their creative brains. Kudos to all of the parents that are trying to balance hockey practices, birthday parties, not-too many episodes of Paw Patrol and matching Saturday schedules with little Tommy so your kid can have free-play. Have an unscheduled day with your kids. In front of the TV. With chips. You deserve it.

Kids today do not appreciate working hard to obtain the things they have. Parents just hand it to them.  Blah. Blah. Blah. This statement is not unique to kids today. I remember my grandfather referring to my father as a “52 year-old punk” and remember my dad complaining about his own son’s waist length hair. I may be one of the first but I would like to say congratulations to the parents who are raising millennials, Generation Z and Generation Alpha. We have amazing kids and young adults that are actually making a difference in the world today. (IE. We Day)  Millennials are coming up with apps to counter cyber-bullying and young females are standing up for the first time against sexual harassment.  I am sure the parents of those kids are not crediting their Facebook news-feed for these successes.

I wrote this post not out of news-feed frustration but rather out of the notion that some may be motivated by positive reinforcement and recognition. If you are a shit parent, you know it. But if you are a good parent, chances are you are not sure so I am saying to you:  You are Awesome., you grow up.